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Decking done right can be one of the greatest additions to almost any home.


Decking has become a popular way to increase usable outdoor living space.


Here at DC we have two types of decking choices, steel frame decking and timber decking.


Decking needs to be able to survive all external conditions.


Our expert designers at DC bring to you decking that has superior strength, longevity and dimensional stability.


Finishing all our decking off with the signature quality we strive to enforce.


All our deckings look amazing once complete.


Also offering our after service deck cleaning and re oiling only using the highest long lasting products.


There's also a wide range of materials to choose.


The sub structure (underside) of your deck is usually built from long life treated pine, guaranteed to withstand wood rot and white ant attack.


Decking also come in a range of different styles from treated pine, ranging through many imported hardwoods to all our beautiful australian hardwoods species.


Hardwood timber species come in a wide range of colours allowing you to mimic your house floorboards for a flow through look.


Composite decking in the last few years has really taken over in due to its long lasting, durability and maintenance free aspect.


Free yourself from the hassles and let our highly experienced trades construct your decking to suit your needs.


Your timber deck is the perfect place to chill out. Perfect for entertaining family and friends.


The ideal place to relax by the pool or sit back and read a book.


We'll design and build you a stunning deck to help you reclaim that sloping or muddy part of the back yard, turning it into a functional outdoor living space.


You can let your ideas run wild because a timber deck can be virtually any shape or size.


And your deck can be built with different levels and stairs, even cantilevered over steep slopes.


Add a patio or pergola over part or all of your deck for a complete outdoor entertaining solution.


The options are endless and you'll be surprised with the decking design possibilities.